Monday, April 24, 2006

SBAHackGateWatch Day 6: OH NO SHE DI-INT!!!!

This email made it into our inboxes this morning. (I think FU Law IT has taken over this blog because I couldn't post all day, which means these posts might be dated. Whatever, not like this blog has any relevance anyway, so what's a late post or two?)

This email may be the most special of them all. I don't mean to be mean here, but let's face it, this sounds like Katherine Harris getting herself ready for a Senate Bid. The Highlights:

From: Rebecca K
Date: Apr 23, 2006 11:22 PM
Subject: FLW - Please Vote Wisely in the SBA re-vote

...For the past week and a half, many people have questioned my honesty and integrity. They accused me of helping to rig the vote and of being otherwise involved in the fraud becaue I didnt like the way things were turning out. Many other negative comments were made about the SBA and its accomplishments in the past year. At any point in time Mike could have come forward to help clear my name, but he did not. Instead, he chose to try to let someone else take the fall for his actions. And then, to add to the insult, he has tried to make himself look like a noble individual for coming forward and alerting the Administration about the flaw in the technology. He even posted on the [F.U.] law examiner "I am pleased to know that the integrity of the elections process has been maintained." The truth of the matter is that the integrity of the election was raised due to his own deeds...

OH, SNAP! This shit is getting Fugly. Also, I think I saw someone in Con Law vote twice today, just to see if she could. I think it may have worked. Get ready for the blue ink peeps, get ready.


Anonymous said...

If Mike Runnels is president, i am moving to europe

lindsey. said...

oh, you're the one they were accusing?

some bitch was blathering on about that in class today, and i vowed to vote for the rebelious vote-rigger, but i quit caring as soon as i left the room.