Monday, April 24, 2006

SBAHackGateWatch Day 6 (It may look like we took the weekend off, but we were still watching): Anyway, WHY HAVEN'T YOU VOTED YET??!?!?

It's Day 6 of SBAHackGateWatch: The Day Round 2 Begins...and I just know the F.U. Law community can barely hide their excitement about voting for a SECOND TIME!!! Obvi, we got an email about it this morning, with the requisite apology for wasting everyone's time. What they forgot to say was, "If you figure out a way to hack into the system and change the votes, please, for the love of g*d, either don't do it or do it and don't TELL anyone so we can get started on our Centennial + 1 sign making."

But I think we all know what's going to happen. This Jeremy Schiffer kid is going to fix it so two peeps are going to tie (just to REALLY fuck with us), and they are going to have a run off election. Taking estimates on how many emails we are going to get about it. Person who is closest without going over gets the pink bedazzled F.U. t-shirt and shorts set currently on display in the bookstore.

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