Wednesday, April 19, 2006

LiveBlogging from the Introduction to the Bluebook Meeting...1Ls dropping like flies...

This is why I didn't want to come to law school. Someone just asked if underlining "see also" as one word differs from underlining them as two separate words. The guy speaking said that was a really good question. I would cite the person who said that, but I have no idea how.

The girl speaking now just told us that this sucks. In case we didn't hear, it sucks. It really sucks. Wait, does this suck?

They have advised us to read this cover to cover after our exams are over. JF said luckily it's small enough to fit in her Balenciaga Hamptons Beach Tote.

In case you forgot, she has reminded us, this sucks. Also, don't italicize. Cause that sucks.

Does anyone have any questions?

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Kyle said...

Commenting LIVE from the Bluebook meeting.
I think the speakers here, too, realize this is a waste of time, as they are zipping through and responding to the pleas of over-zealous students to slow down with a simple "look it up."
Can't they let us go?

UPDATE: this speaker told us to READ THE WHOLE BOOK. Is he crazy? I want the cute one back up there!