Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's like Brokedown Palace over here...

Most of us are just women on the verge of a nervous breakdown these days. Others of us, however, have reached the level of Brokedown Palace (BDP), and a subset of that group has broken down publicly.

JF broke down last week at Ruby Foo's while in the middle of dinner with her parents. She went to the bathroom to pull herself together, but when she sat down again, she literally said, "There's no time...There's NEVER ANY TIME," as the tears flew out.

KS told me that he was BDP when he woke up yesterday because his roommate used all the floss. It pushed him over the edge.

A girl in the libes yesterday had a full on BDP episode when she accidentally caught her fingers between her chair and the table. I think the physical pain opened the floodgates for the emotional kind. There was a lot of it hiding behind her UCC binder.

I saw a boy completely fall apart two days ago because his highlighter ran out. Another girl threw her E+E from the balcony on S4 down to S3 in rage, and yet another screamed in the not-really-sound-proof study rooms for everyone to hear.

And after the Saigs property review session massacre, I swear I saw two section 5/6ers collapse on the stairs. The rest of us just ran over them to get the leftover bagels in the atrium.

As for me, I had two BDP's yesterday alone. First, when blogger wouldn't let me post anything I almost threw my computer at the undergrads in the Lo Caf and ER had to pet my head to stop the tears. THEN, when I got home, I had a BDP when I looked in the mirror because I saw that my stress pimple has grown back to full form. This is AFTER my dermatologist shot it two (2) times with cortisone and gave me the strongest benzyl peroxide known to the human race. My roomies had to put me to bed. It was not pretty.


Anonymous said...

do u think its sad the UCC article 2 and FRCP are on "favorites" on my toolbar

Anonymous said...

I dunno who posted that but I'm one of your biggest fans and I think I'd like to give you a screenshot of my FRCP toolbar *HUGS*