Saturday, April 22, 2006

FishWatch, JF Escape BarBri CivPro Purgatory, Many Section 5/6ers Still Trapped Inside

JF and I have just escaped the 7 hour BarBri CivPro Video Purgatory and have barely enough energy to talk about it. We made it through hour 4, but the thought of hours 5, 6 and 7 made us want to stick our fingers in the non-existent outlets (NOBODY TOLD US IT WAS B.Y.O. E.(xtension) C.(hord)) we had to escape. We are now back at F.U. safe and sound, but many of our Section 5/6 brothers and sisters are still inside watching the tape (yes they charge all that money and then make you watch a tape and still don't provide outlets), and listening as Prof. Dick Freer's voice deteriorates faster than Lindsay Lohan's on SNL. Some observations from the brief (um...4 hours) time we were there.

- At least 2 girls from Rutgers Law came straight from "Friday Night Ladies Drink Free All Night" at Club Hunkabunka in Hoboken wearing their bedazzled jeans, heels, and tube tops. Interesting that one of them had a big orange extension chord and her laptop, she must have been carrying them around all night. I guess they plan ahead on that side of the Hudson. Also, one started giving the other a lap dance during break #2.

- RK strolled in 20 minutes late after his walk of shame took longer than he anticipated. He then came in 5 minutes late after each break, tube top Rutgers Law student following 30 seconds later. Also, he ordered this weird drink in a plastic bag with a hole in it during lunch and spilled it all over the six plug power chords (I guess somebody told all the Cardozo kids about the lack of outlets), creating a wave of sparks and smoke.

- The Prof on the tape was right, we will never forget what special damages are. Did you know you can get a permanent erection after a car accident? Well, neither did the Defendant in that action, hence the special damages notification requirements.

- At least 15% of the class was playing solitaire the whole time. Um...why would you get out of bed on a Saturday at 8am to come watch a 7 hour video, only to sit there and play solitaire? I am not saying this blog is the most productive use of my time, but please people. On the other hand, the fact that it was a video did not stop the gunners from raising their hands when he posed a hypo.

I hope people who stayed can offer more anecdotes from this amazing Saturday in April.


Anonymous said...

Star Jones...please stop raising your hand...for the love of God - it's a video!!

Anonymous said...

for those of you who left early - you missed Dick calling people that sue assholes

Kyle said...

and also the perils of a Rule 35 without a judge rectal exams for the opposing parties in breach of contract suits.

Anonymous said...

My favorite phrase from Bar/Bri Contracts review:
Charlie turns to Lucy and says “Fuck you!”