Saturday, April 15, 2006

FishWatch's LibraryHeatWaveWatch Day 2

It is Day 2 of FishWatch's LibraryHeatWaveWatch and temperatures (and tempers) are rising. Some students went to complain to the circ. desk twice and the man sitting way back behind the desk would not even get up to talk to them because he could not leave the wind path created by his minifan for fear of collapsing. His only comment was that the environmental situation was out of his sweaty, balmy hands. All the classrooms are locked (yes, I checked every one), so that leaves only outside to study. This creates a problem because there are many distractions when it is this nice outside, which are not conducive to learning the law.

Just out of curiosity, I googled the temperature at which avian bird flu incubates and spreads the best, and i am now scared for my life. Feel free to share HeatWave anecdotes in the comments section.

UPDATE: JF and I have moved to an undisclosed location in the stacks and are huddled next to a $3.99 plastic fan. The knob to make it move back and forth is broken so the fan is stuck in one position. JF's Dell is overheating and so she may have to go home. Now we know how the guy at the circ. desk feels.


Anonymous said...

clearly oxygen and air arent covered in the tutition

LL said...

Are you even studying at this point with all this blogging you're doing?

Come visit us tomorrow!