Wednesday, April 19, 2006

SBAHackGateWatch: Day 1 Continues...

You heard it here first kids. The email from the SBA:

There will be an SBA Election REVOTE beginning this Monday, January 24th [sic], at 9:00am and ending Tuesday, January 25th [sic], at 5:00pm.

While it is obvious that no one would like to go through this again, the Dean has called for this step given security issues that were detected in voting. As it his opinion that it would be impossible to provide the student body assurances that there was no tampering with the votes, a new election for the SBA Officers needs to be held. The Dean believes that the ISP Department has put in place safeguards that will ensure that students can only vote once and only with their user name.

A correction email quickly followed, informing us that the vote would actually take place in April and not January. This allayed any fears we had about another technology mishap and restored our full faith in the SBA and F.U. Law ISP Department.


Anonymous said...

Someone spotted Karl Rove in the Comp. Lab on S6...that explains alot

Anonymous said...

does anyone believe the DEAN? it's clear to me that fordham's faulty technological system just lost votes or deleted info in a predictable fordham snafu--i love how they blame it on an evil tampering student and don't take responsibility for their own inept technology, which drove fordham law down to 32 in the rankings this year. am i alone with this theory?