Tuesday, April 18, 2006

F.U. Law Students: They're Just like US!

Your chance at fame and glory, people. From the admissions office:
Want to be in the next [F.U. Law] brochure? The Office of Admissions is in need of volunteers for the new admissions brochure. This fall we will unveil the new look for [F.U.] Law School's brochure at a host of recruiting events throughout the country. This major project will serve the Law School for years to come. Don't miss your opportunity to be in the new Admissions brochure. We have a great new designer and in need of new photos to compliment the design.
Sources close to the Dean say that Mario Testino will be shooting the cover and Bruce Webber will be doing the centerfold, to be shot in the grassy knoll at sunset. No word yet on the screening process for potential F.U. models, but I imagine that previous film and tv work as well as any pageant titles are a plus.

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Anonymous said...

Reminder: if you plan to attend, please be advised that the Tresemme Hair Salon and L'oreal Paris Make Up room will be setup in the dungeon Locker area.

Also: all wardrobe must be approved by Tim Gunn

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