Friday, April 21, 2006

Examining the Examiner: Do you think they read FishWatch over there? Probably not, but we will continue to (pointlessly) comment on the commentary

Looks like things actually have been busy over at the Examiner, cause a whole new set of articles emerged yesterday. Might it have something to do with FishWatch's WatchFul eye...the biting critique? Um...most likely no, but here goes anyway. The latest headlines:

April 21, 2006Graduation Week Preview: Booze, booze, and more booze at cruise, BBQ, and ball

April 20, 2006
Overheard at [F.U.] Law: "[F.] Miracle"

April 20, 2006
Open comments thread: SBA elections

April 20, 2006
Web site loophole prompts new SBA elections on April 24, 25; Law School administration investigates whether loophole was abused

April 20, 2006
Looking for a bar loan? Want to comparison shop?

But my favorite part is the new poll. In fact, I'm actually a little jealous I didn't think of this first. Don't worry I asked and the voting is 100% safe and secure, because the F.U. Law community just can't take another voter scandal right now.
Did you notice the overwhelming stench in the corridor of the basement level on Thursday, April 20?
Yes, and it was awful
Yes, but it's got nothing on the Lowenstein entrance
Yes, and I think it was an Earth Day project
Nope, I've never been to the basement level
Nope, it blended in the usual smell of trash

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