Monday, April 17, 2006

FishWatch's Monday Styles Section

A lot of readers have been asking me if it's OK to lug around all those thick, heavy law school books in a "wheelie." (Think flight attendant, or people who are too crazy to check in their luggage so they cram all their crap in a "wheelie" and then shove it in to the overhead compartment before you get there so you have to put your small, manageable backback under the seat in front of you where you will proceed to kick it the entire flight). (Yes I fly JetBlue).

While the "wheelie" may save you from developing back problems, it is just not OK to be walking around school dragging your bag behind you on wheels. Instead, think about a big, cavernous "weekend bag." I recommend Coach or Jack Spade. That way, you can carry about 35-40lbs on your right shoulder and look as if you are heading to the Cape or East Hampton right after class. People will constantly asking where you are headed for the next 3-5 days and you can just make shit up. Your classmates will be sooooooo jealous.

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