Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Moo Court: Summer Lovin'...

So you thought you had a summer vacation, heh? Not so much if you want to do Moo Court. I just went to the meeting and got the schedule for the summer competition. The meeting itself brought back horrible memories of my nerd-tastic high school debate years (I was known as quite the masterdebator back then) (And yes, we used that word all the time on the bus on Saturdays at 7:12am going to tournaments and thought we were the funniest kids ever). (We also said things like, "when are they going to post, I want to see if I broke!").

The schedule is just what you dream about doing the summer after 1L year. Luckily the locations of these events were chosen specifically not to mess up with any summer travel plans:

Sunday June, 25th - Briefs Due

Wednesday, July 5th - Saturday, July 8th: 1st Preliminary Rounds [Easthampton]

Monday, July 10th - Thursday, July 13th: 2nd Preliminary Rounds [Southampton]

Monday, July 17th: Quarter Finals [Nantucket]

Tuesday, July 18th: Semifinals [Martha's V]

Wednesday, July 19th: Finals [Bridgehampton]
See y'all there!


Anonymous said...

there is an added competition at KP Dubbs house in Suffolk. The gardner will be judging

Anonymous said...

why does every person feel the need to clear their throat? if there is really such a flem epidemic goign around, I will glady stand outside the library with Allegra and some Flonase

Anonymous said...

as a constant throat clearer of late, i would like to say that you should just be glad you aren't striken with the annoying plague. at least you can escape us, although at times it might feel like you can't. we don't even have the possibility of escaping ourselves.

Anonymous said...

hey. the best part about the masterdebater joke is that every kid around the country thought they made that up :P

I debated in highschool (and college too :P)

didn't know you were a fellow geek. m