Sunday, May 07, 2006

Why Dukeminier, that is a good question...

“If you conclude, as do some courts, that transsexuals, but not persons of the same sex, should be able to marry, why must a man have his penis and testicles removed in order to marry his male partner?”
--Jesse Dukeminier, Property, pg 441

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nafees nuruddin said...

b/c the dukester is a big fag......

Dukeminier and David Sanders, his life partner of over 40 years, were always at the operas and theaters, said Professor Emeritus Kenneth Karst, a close friend of Dukeminier for many years. Karst said Dukeminer's attitude about the opera was always a light-hearted one.

jared and i googled him in the beginning of the year when we found some random quote about a cat.