Wednesday, May 03, 2006

LibraryIcedCoffeeMeltDownMay3rd2006Watch: For the screenplay writers out there...

A reader sent us an IM play by play of what happened this morning. Yes I have a final tomorrow, but this is far more important. Obvi this will be a pivotal scene in "Trace Higgs: The Movie Musical."

[redacted] (9:37:09 AM): so a girl (1L) comes in, and the guy from the desk
follows her and is like i'm sorr you can't drink that coffee in here
[redacted] (9:37:41 AM): she was like yes i can , he wa slike no i'm
sorry you can't ... she goes, ar eyou fucking kidding, he goes, you
can't drink the coffee, she goes get out fo my fucking face i'm
drinking my coffee here
[redacted] (9:38:08 AM): he leaves, comes back and was like you can't
have the coffee, she was like are you fucking nuts and totally freaked
out on him... then threw the stupdi coffee in question at him
[redacted] (9:38:12 AM): fortunately its ices
[redacted] (9:38:19 AM): and now just got kcicked out of the library by security
[redacted] (9:38:56 AM): she is fighting with security
[redacted] (9:39:06 AM): i mean honestly, would it really have been so
hard to give up your coffee
[redacted] (9:39:09 AM): she is hystercially cfrying
[redacted]: they are sending her to the deans


Anonymous said...

he is a stickler... he's very happy to go bashing on study room windows and shout at you. DON'T MESS WITH HIM.

Anonymous said...

apparently she can't use the library for the rest of the semester.

also, overheard from the meeting with the deans:

i'm so excited...i'm

Anonymous said...

Solidarity with the Iced Coffee One? We could all do a library mass walk-in - with our best Starbucks in hand... what could they do to stop us? Power of the people, my friends. ahem.

Anonymous said...

Um, if she gets to take finals late because of this i am throwing scalding hot tea at anyone who looks even remotely like a librarian.

Also, St.John's has use beat - at least in the field of psycho law students - some guy went nuts and when the police took him away, he threw a rock through a giant window and shattered the thing.

Anonymous said...

Fordham drops down the rankings of excitement AGAIN

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see this reenacted in next year's follies.

follies 2k7 said...

here's a preview:

Once, there was this girl who
Went into the library yand brought a cup of coffee
And when they told her not to
She went apeshit and scalded poor Larry
Alright it was iced coffee but this way's just more
MMMMMmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmm

We're working on it. But we got time.