Thursday, May 04, 2006

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I almost didn't believe one commenter yesterday, so had to check it out for myself. Lo(han) and behold, someone has in fact placed a sign on the free hot beverages. "Not For Throwing" is one option for the IcedCoffeeMeltdown T-Shirts FishWatch is making. Other suggestions include "Got Coffeed at F.U." and "CoffeeWrestleMania2006." Please suggest others. Winning slogan gets a free shirt.


Anonymous said...


behind the library front desk, there is a full page 8x11 color copy picture of coffee girl taped to the desk (pic is her main friendster pic---looks like it was taken at some UES bar).

the nice library man told me that coffee girl has had all library privileges revoked. he claims she was NOT expelled for her fun behavior.

lastly, he commented that had she thrown the coffee at him, rather than at his cool-headed library colleague, that HE himself would have been thrown out of the library too because he would have "hit that bitch." that may have been too much drama for one day.

Anonymous said...


A fist with a coffee cup, and the slogan

Anonymous said...

ok, someone needs to cameraphone the lib coffeegirl pic so those of us avoiding the negative energy there (or just trying to stay out of the crossfire) can check out the psycho...

Anonymous said...

can i tell you that this is one of the funniest blogs i've ever read? it's totally distracting me from studying for my Admin exam. i haven't been to school since Monday, but man, i'm glad i have this website to give me the updates. congrats! (and i want one of those T-shirts!!)

Anonymous said...

Might be in poor taste, but so was the entire episode:

"Never Forget"
with a graphic of an iced coffee under it, and then underneath:

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

While I am not at all condoning her behave., I must say I am not without sympathy for Coffee Girl.

As a 3L, I can attest that the hardest part of law school has been trying to divine WTF type of container is "approved" for imbibing out of at the libes.

I don't study in the libes much, and this is the main reason why.
Upon entering, last spring, with my newly purchased Dunkin Donuts travel coffee mug, I was stopped and told it was not acceptable for library use. Like a fool, I left, walked all the way to S'bucks, spent $26 on a flashy new travel container (I did get my 25-cent FUSOL discount, though!) and returned to the libes. Once again, I was detained upon entering and told that my beverage container was unacceptable. At this point, I really was ready to put someone's head through the wall, but instead, I smiled, left, when out to the vestibule, put the container in my bag like a normal person, and walked right back into the library and up to S2, unaccosted.

So you see it's just a matter of how you handle things. Note to the deans/libes staff (hot or otherwise): For the love of God people, just do us a favor and sell the things at the fricken circ. desk. We're already dropping $125k here, what's another $10-$15? Hell, I'd buy 'em and use them as disposable mugs just so I could have my fricken coffee in peace and not have to lug the thing around with me. Ok. Back to studying now. Good luck 1L-ers!