Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Still no computer, still no sanity...

I am sorry again for being MIA, but I can't imagine anyone was reading this over the last few days, considering the only time you people read it is when you are bored out of your mind studying or writing something for a prize. But now that some of y'all have starting working (note that JF is in the Hamptons still and ER in St. Barths, and I am not making jokes this time), I figured I would get back to it.

The writing comp, as you all know, sucked. There was no motivation to be had, and really nothing to say about the quality of what I turned it. Except that I did print my stuff out on pink scented paper, so that might help.

Also, I was lucky enough to have to go home right after the writing comp and start packing to move uptown. I now live alone, so now when I die from my xanax overdose, no one will ever find me. But at least I can walk around naked.

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