Tuesday, May 09, 2006

David Blaine is Dunzo, Can Stop Secretly Coming into the F.U. Law Building at 3am to Take a Crap in the Garden Level Men's Bathroom

So stuntman/ magician/ overallsuperfreak David Blaine failed to break the record last night (boo hoo). At least now we finally can go back to studying in peace. A reader pointed out an interesting quote from the NYTimes piece:
To the matter of Mr. Blaine's unusual choice of vocation, one always wants to ask: What would have been so bad about law school?
I totally agree. Because sitting here trying to memorize a UCC Damages FlowChart is sooooo much better than sitting in a tank for a week while children and celebrities come and knock on the glass.

Also interesting was this quote from another article:
Earlier Monday, a doctor who supervised Blaine's underwater routine told the New York Times that his patient was "pushing his body insanely to the limits." "I told him he needed to get out of the water, and he refused me," Dr. Murat Gunel said in the newspaper. "He said he did not want to let the people down."
Well if the at least five “I hope he dies” I heard when finally going to see him are any indication…I am pretty sure he let people down anyway.


Anonymous said...

blaine was good for eye candy value. i can't remember the last time i saw a 6 pack in person. which says more about me than about the fordham men, so don't get offended.

Anonymous said...

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