Thursday, May 25, 2006

So with hours to go before we have to hand this puppy in, I am obvi reading the Thursday Styles section online. This article about bloggers was interesting, and my favorite part was:
Busted bloggers like Jessica Cutler (a former Capitol Hill intern whose blog, Washingtonienne, is now a novel), Nadine Haobsh (a former beauty editor whose blog Jolie in NYC earned her a two-book deal) and Jeremy Blachman (a lawyer whose blog Anonymous Lawyer is being released as "Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel" this summer) were all interns, entry-level employees and worker bees who traded up on in-the-trade secrets.
DO YOU THINK F.U. LAW WILL KICK ME OUT FOR THIS BLOG AND THEN I CAN GET A BOOK DEAL??? How fun would that be! Dean N-E, if you are reading this, please call about kicking me out before 4pm so I don't unnecessarily spend $100 on printing twenty-something copies of this thing (notice I used the numeral form for 100, but the written form for twenty! LOL, Bluebook is so fun!!).

Anyway, if you have any scandalous things that I can get in trouble for, please let me know, and I will keep you in mind when I look to hire my research assistant for the blog book to research such topics as why Oasis only works during business hours and an expose on what goes on in those journal offices once the writing competition entries are in.

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Anonymous said...

A lawyer friend of mine had to fire a blogger for writing about his boss. . . . watch out!

See shit note 1 and accompanying text.