Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What you could be writing about if you were still in college, instead of at F-ing F.U. Law...

ER and I are studying at the law school down south today, and found all the 1Ls drinking 40s in the courtyard at 3pm after their last final. ER slapped one in the face a la Joan Crawford hitting Christina in front of Barbara Bennett when he asked her if she wanted some beer.

Also, we found the following college senior thesis at the printer, and it literally made us cry:

Popular Representations of Jewish Identity on Primetime Television: The Case of The O.C.
Chapter 4: Television and the Construction of a White, Post Jewish Identity: A Close Reading of The O.C.
Page 5's topic heading is "A Chrismukkah Story."


First we cried from laughing so hard...and then we cried from sadness, as we realized people out there get to do things like this and we don't. Don't get me wrong, I wrote my fair share of bullshit papers in college (The Gap Ads one comes to mind), but I somehow feel that those days are behind me. Obvi, I am going to find a way to mention Seth and Summer on the K final tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

trust me, writing bullshit papers is in your future. think law and ___ classes.

Anonymous said...

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