Thursday, May 18, 2006

And to the fans...

So my laptop committed suicide right after the last post. Right after I printed out all my con law outlines, it basically said to me: "This year has been great -- 14 hour days together, every day, including weekends, was real...but I just can't take it anymore. I am really sorry to leave you right before the writing competition, but the thought of going back to the F.U. Law Libes is enough to drive anyone's hard drive to imbibe the bottle of grey goose that's been in the freezer since New Year's along with your month's supply of ambien. Best, Laptop."

So I am sorry to the fans for being MIA the last few days, but I myself just came out of a food and alcohol coma, and am now just feeling the loss of laptop. I wasn't even going to post this week, but felt inspired after Prof JP and I had the following encounter at the Section 5/6 Baseball outing (I think it was the Yankees? Someone confirm).

FW: Hi Prof JP, how are you?
Prof JP: Great, are you glad to be done?
FW: Yeah, it feels really great.
Prof JP: Yeah, and now you must have more time to blog.
FW: Uhhh...yeah.

Prof M was also there, and when we told him Trace Higgs ordered our tests from "Best" to "Least Best" and asked him what his system was for Civ Pro, he just laughed. We can only imagine what Prof H.B.'s system is for K.

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