Monday, May 01, 2006

The FishWatch Review of Books

My roommate works in the vast underworld known as "the media," and so sometimes he brings home some very interesting books by important contemporary writers. I'd like to share some inspirational quotes from these works to help get you through tough times.

From Shine, by Star Jones Reynolds -
Chapter 3: Are You Your Most Gorgeous?
"Pulling yourself together doesn't mean only when you have a big date or going to your cousin's wedding. I don't want to put pressure on you, sister, but I think you should try to look your best whenever you leave the house, and, if you have a good-looking neighbor who may want to borrow a cup of sugar, even when you're in your own house."

Chapter 5: Think Like a Lawyer
"When you meet a man who looks very wonderful and promising, you both need to think like lawyers....Deal with your own bad junk before the other side deals with it - that's what lawyers do."

From Fabulosity, by Kimora Lee Simmons
"Fake it 'til you make it. I don't mean to fake being somebody you're not or being a phony. I mean tell yourself that you're great even when some part of you is doubting it."

"As you acquire more money, managing it doesn't get easier. It gets more complicated. Like Biggie said, 'Mo money, mo problems.'"

And finally, The Truth About Diamonds, by Nicole Richie
"The last thing I heard before we left was the chubby Asian reporter asking Joey in a voice tinged with equal parts terror and titillation, 'Dude, tell me you didn't seriously wear those panties...?'"

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