Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Examining the Examiner: Bush approval rating way down, but at least we can all agree on the poopy smell back on 4/20...

The Examiner vigilantly continues to explore reactions to the bad, septic-esque smell on the garden level back on April 20th (4-20...huh huh...huh huh) through its online, interactive, fancy schmancy poll, and F.U. Law Students continue to agree overwhelmingly that it was, in fact, awful. A source at the Examiner tells us that upcoming polls include current, hot-button topics such as 1Ls' thoughts on "Legal Process" and whether Kanye's reaction to Katrina was overdramatic or an accurate assessment of race relations in America.

Did you notice the overwhelming stench in the corridor
of the basement level on Thursday, April 20?

Answers Votes Percent
Yes, and it was awful 51 70%
Yes, but it's got nothing on the Lowenstein entrance 7 10%
Yes, and I think it was an Earth Day project 5 7%
Nope, I've never been to the basement level 3 4%
Nope, it blended in the usual smell of trash 7 10%

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