Monday, June 16, 2008

We've Gotta Get These Mothaf*ckin Bar Review Books off this Mothaf*ckin Plane...

It is amazing how much attention your Multi State Questions Practice Questions Volume 1 (MPQ1) book gets you during domestic travel. This morning we woke up in a southern red state, packed our bag, and set off for the airport, MPQ1 in hand. When we went through security, we got an "oh wow, that's a big book" from the TSA person. Worried she was perceiving it as a threat, we gave the book it's own bin, much like our laptop and sent it through the machine.

As we sat doing practice questions outside the gate (yes we know regional regional director guy told us to practice perfectly, not during transit), we noticed many eyes looking our way, wondering what this big green volume was that was engrossing us so, and both loved and feared all the attention.

As we sat down in 10C, continuing with evidence set 1 (OK that is a lie, we are WAY farther behind than that), we noticed a cute southern boy making his way down the aisle. "Wouldn't it be nice if he were in 10D," we thought to ourselves. Lo(han) and behold, he stood next to us and said "ex-cyoosee me," as we rose to let him in to sit by the window.

"Whatchya stud-yin," he asked, in a sweet southern drawl as his blue eyes peered over the set of questions.

"Oh, we are taking the Bar exam this summer."

"[Redacted Southern State] or New Jersey," he asked (we were flying into Newark, so we forgive him).

"Actually New York," we responded.

"Oh, I hear that is a hard one. I took a law class once, it was fun, but not for me."

"And what do you do?"

"I am an accountant," he said.

"Oh, well at least you are of a learn-ed profession, and get the benefit of the statutes of limitations for any malpractice you may commit." OK, we didn't say that, but were impressed we remembered. We returned to our studying.

Upon landing in Newark, some lawyer looking people on the AirTrain looked over at us and literally pointed and laughed.

An old man at the NJ Transit stop said to us out of the blue, "Good luck on the exam."

At this point, it was getting ridiculous, so we were quite glad to go straight to a place where we blended in just fine - the afternoon session of B-bri.

We knew it was going to be much more chill than the AM when we walked in and Tiger Woods was on the screen playing a round at Torey Pines instead of the draconian cell phone warning (which might be why 2 cell phones went off during the K lecture). But it was confirmed when people walked in late and none of the administrators yelled at them for their Passes. Also, no one minded when we ate the v. intense Indian lunch mom packed for us this morning.

That being said, the lack of crazyness in the room meant we took 0 notes and learned nothing about K. Back to the am grind tomorrow, where we hope the bottled up anxiety and will inspire us to carry MPQ1 out to Beige tomorrow night. See all of you there - just bring the yellow book please so we don't look too matchy matchy.

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