Thursday, June 12, 2008

Next Thing You Know People Will Be Stealing Our MPQ1 Book

We know that only two days ago, we said “we are all in this thing together,” but the past 48 hours have made us reconsider. Somehow a competitive spirit has emerged, and we are not pleased.

Just the other day, we went with some peeps to the gross (slash delicious) Diner near our downtown B-bri location, and ordered the Turkey Burger (Deluxe, natch). When the burgers arrived, we were sad to see that we got the gross ends of the tomato, while RS got nice big central pieces. He eyed his pieces but proceeded to eat his burger without them. When we asked if we could have his, he raised his eyebrow and said “sure,” which we thought was very nice of him. Only when we returned to the Libes did we read on the internets that tomatoes now have salmonella! We can only assume that RS tried to inflict us purposefully with tomato ‘nella (ay ay ay) so we become dreadfully ill and can no longer study for the Bar.

JH has also been caught up in the competitive spirit of the last 48 hours. He has started making flashcards, but has purposefully handwritten them extremely sloppily so as to prevent us from ever being able to read them or make any use of them. Additionally, he has made many muffins over the last few days but has only shared one with us so as to prevent us from being able to pay attention during the lecture because we are so starving all the time. We also now are starting to think that his and JF’s push to get us to blog again is simply an attempt to distract us from the famed "paced program."

We hope these acts of betrayal and backstabbing soon end as we really need all the support, encouragement, and non-tomato ‘nella infested snacks we can get at this point.

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JH said...

EffDubs: I'm being kind by not offering you muffins because it keeps you slim for Pville.