Friday, June 13, 2008

Week 4 (OMG Week 4?) In Review...

  • We were victimized by the emerging competitive spirit (they did tell us to adopt First Year Mentality, no? Some people took it to heart).

Other Thoughts:
  • Does anyone else think M.Simms (Evidence, Crim) is kind of hot? Also he has 5 kids. Do you prefer "DILF" or "FILF"? He became less good looking though, when he told us today to stop slacking off (Monday maybe?)
  • His accents, though, need some coaching. Maybe PFran can help. Also, one should never joke about Lindsay Lohan dying (Hypos 43-44, Dead Man's Statute). We are thinking he will be played by Eric Bana in "B-Bri, the Movie Musical."
  • Leo Lakin (NY Essay Workshop) needs to start drinking with a straw since that slurping pop sound when he sips his water is truly gross. Also, did anyone catch his fingers up in the air whenever he said a number? "6" required two hands, which, thankfully for us meant he was not drinking water for that brief moment. Leo reminded us that this exam is in seven (two hands in the air people!) weeks, which prompted our room to start booing. (Power to the people). He will, as JH pointed out, be played by John McLaughlin of the McLaughlin Group in his first acting role.
  • On a side note, DK texted us from the beach this morning where he was purportedly "studying" and "doing practice problems." Hate.
  • We are off to Mom and Dad's (no where near the beach) tomorrow morning to lock ourselves in a room for 48 hours and start learning the law, (with food breaks every 1-2 hours, of course). We will try our best to catch up since we are getting sort of tired of lying to CH every time he asks us if we are up to speed. Wish us luck.


Sonia said...

Yes, I totally agree, M.Sims is a real cutie-pie! Also, did you catch that he was born in 1964! So cute!

JH said...

EffDubs. You declined to mention that you *left early* from lecture.

a) What would CH say to that?
b) That means you didn't get John McLaughin's digits.