Thursday, June 26, 2008

FishWatch Wills Hypo 34a

During the Wills Lecture, JH writes out a Will for FishWatch on one of 3 of FishWatch's bananas (we get hungry, OK?), stating the following, "I leave JH my pressure cooker." He then forces FitchWatch to initial the Will, whispering forcefully (so as not to disturb people actually paying attention) "just do it, I will leave you my Kitchen Aid mixer." FW resists, but not too forcefully, since he does really want said mixer. Two witnesses sign after JH points out FW's signature to them. See diagram below:

JH then has FishWatch write out a Will for him on a Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheet, saying "I leave Fishwatch my uhm-pire red Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer," signs it, and has two witness sign too. See below.

JH then asks for another Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheet. Reluctant at first, FishWatch notices some shine on JH's nose and acquiesces. JH then secretly writes, "I Hereby Revoke Will #1!!!" and signs it. Below the signature, he writes, "I leave my standing mixer and Fee Simple to J.F." as shown below.

FishWatch then dies of boredom. What result?

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JADH said...

I thought we both simultaneously died from boredom?