Tuesday, June 24, 2008

At Least Someone Is Making Use of These Things...

We just spent a few minutes walking around the clinic offices looking for someone to bother, when we came across a brilliant use of the legal size NY Outline book that some of us (mostly us) have yet to crack open. I vaguely remember Regional Regional Director person telling us on Day One that the book won't really be that useful to us, but now I am convinced since it seems very comfortable as a base for random computer screens...

Please let us know if you have found other such uses for these books as reduce/reuse/recycle should be the theme of all of our lives during these green times.

Notice the blank screen. Is that FishWatch we see on the taskbar?

These screens are equipped with the ability to increase the height, but why
use that feature when B-bri books are so much more aesthetically pleasing?
Also, that IS FishWatch on the taskbar! Caught.


JADH said...

So a giant centipede with 409419841985402 wiggly legs just fell (leapt?) from the ceiling onto the computer of the woman studying next to me and crawled from her keyboard into her NY Testing Volume.

Chaos followed. I killed it with my flip flop but I think we should all take it as a sign.

Anonymous said...

Is this in IRC on the right when you walk in? If so, the book is still sitting there today.