Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We all knew it would happen. Back during finals when we complained about how our dermatologist could not prevent the "finals pimple," a friend who has been through all this said to us, "Oh, just wait until the Bar – your skin will get extra special." And so begins our continuing segment, BarPimpleWatch2008.

BarPimpleWatch sadly begins at home, since we had our first bout with BarPimples (plural!) last week. Luckily they arrived JUST in time for our 5th Year College Reunion, the point of which, by the way, is to show everyone how much you have improved since college. (Yeah, that didn't happen for some of us, but at least our de-provement was just external and also didn't involve methamphetamines).

Also, our BarPimples provided a nice topic of conversation for some people. Behold:

FW: Hello [Redacted]! Great seeing you.
[Redacted]: OMG great to see you too.

(FW and [Redacted] engage in the "where are you, what are you up to" talking points.)

Enter AR, friend of FW.

[Redacted]: Hey AR!
AR: Hey…youuuuuuuuu (clearly not remembering [Redacted]).
[Redacted]: How are you? Great to see you.
AR: Yeah. (Searching for something to say). FW, you have pimples!
FW: Thanks.

Exeunt AR.

JF also texted us last week informing us of her first BarPimple, so it is not unique to downtown locations. She also said she is planning a Note topic examining the rise in Accutane prescriptions and ProActiv orders within a 5 mile radius of B-Bri locations in June and July over the last five years. We wish her well.

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jf said...

Will Cash Warren and Honor Alba Warren be in attendance this wknd?