Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And we're back...

Hello again. Many FW fans have been demanding the return of Fishwatch during this trying, coma inducing time known as "Bar review." (OK only 2 people, JH and JF). Since we are bored to tears anyway, we thought we would give in to the reader(s)’s demands even though other (former) readers (CH) advise that we only study 100% of the time and do practice problems 24/7. So here we are.

Some initial notes about b-bri to get us started:

  • How many of you laughed out loud and shed a tear of nostalgia when on day one, regional director guy (who will obvs be played by Martin Short in “B-Bri, The Movie Musical”) told us that we could have coffee, but only if it had lids. Personally, we would have advised anyone sitting next to you know who to take note that lids are NOT going to protect you from B-bri breakdowns in late July.
  • Also, remember on day one when regional director guy said, “no odorous foods?” He looked directly at us (even though we're at a video locale) and said “No Curry in the morning, please.” Blatant and invidious discrimination. (That didn't stop us though. Sorry VH room 206!).
  • Additionally, he told us to print out a picture of the person we didn’t think would pass, and paste it on our computers for Inspiration. Personally, we have a pic of JFK Jr., wet and shirtless circa 1997 taped up on our computer, but if you want to chose someone ugly AND Bar challenged, you go right ahead.
  • Paula f-ing Franzese. A-may-zing. Even though she got Kelly and Michelle’s part in Surivor(ship) wrong (technically “wha” not “word,” PFran), we heart her. Water people? Loved it (and totally wrote it down!). Also, JH pointed out that she and Mariah have the same hair extensions. Who will play her? Please make suggestions now.
  • We also hearted M. Kaufman (played by Wallace Shawn in “B-bri, the Movie Musical”), if only because he actually panted when he said “obedience.”
  • D. Freer’s comeback gave us horrible flashbacks to April 2006, but somehow the 6 hours over two days and with minimal B&T seemed more manageable than the 8 hour “Welcome Friends from New Jersey” hell we endured first year.

The only good thing we see about B-bri is that it transcends school lines – I have seen many a FU friend in the building the past two weeks (including RishKap who told us that RishKap.com might be in danger, but that is for another post). FU friends have been emailing us, telling us they were so thrilled to join PFran’s facebook group and display their undying love for her all over the internets. Older (but younger looking) and wiser FU friends have been sending us old outlines and study tips (shoutouts to NH, RB, and CH). Really, we are all in this together. So let us go forth, and BarWatch2008.


JF said...

FishWatch, thanks so much for makign a comeback. We really need you in these trying times.
Also, does everyone notice that every person who works for BarBri is the eastern regional director?

ER said...

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...I'm so scared."

JH said...

Um thanks for the credit but I thought ET was also pushing for the return of Fishwatch.

I think a graying Javier Bardem should play Erwin C.

bean said...

Oh happy day.