Monday, June 23, 2008

Apologies, Beach, No Work, Carbs...The Usual.

Many, many apologies for the delay, but the “day off” on Thursday really messed us up. What did y’all do with your day off? We inaugurated our pressure cooker and made dal and also packed for our weekend trip to the beach. A few thoughts:

  • Did anyone go to “Essay Advantage?” We know you did, so spill, and tell us what kind of people attended.
  • “Studying” at the beach is very, very difficult. As always, we brought every single book we could carry and got through approximately 1-2 pages. We did bring the Yellow testing book this time, which went very well with our new green hand me down Vilebrequin, but is now full of sand in addition to its un-annotated pages.
  • When you go away for the weekend, you take it as license to eat every single carbohydrate in sight. We are not kidding, on Saturday, we had 2 bagels, a Buttercup bakery cupcake, a donut, and 2-3 of those Levain bakery cookies that are purposefully undercooked on the inside. That was in addition to the 2 shrimp baskets and fried clams. We can only wonder what JH and JF ate on their respective weekend trips, but silence is basically an admission in this matter, so we assume the worst.
  • In other news, today we went to the afternoon class (um, we actually had things to do this morning), and noticed a few gems. Apparently VH214 Afternoon Session has a “Bar Mustache Club,” in the same vein as November Beard Club, or other such facial hair oriented organizations. We imagine they are growing them out until July 31st. Three men sit in the back and stroke said mustaches in unison for the entire lecture, and we are seriously thinking of joining them.
  • Some preppy girls in front of us today apparently know a “John Smith” who imputes “unchastity” to women, and simultaneously suffers from a loathsome disease, as anytime Potty Mouth Torts Prof used John Smith in a hypo in the abovementioned categories, they looked at each other and started laughing uncontrollably.
  • It’s really defamation to say someone is gay in New York? Um, we are screwed (see Wednesday’s post). Luckily, as we learned, truth is a defense, and we have that handy chart to offer into evidence, which should meet a clear and convincing, or at least preponderance of the evidence standard.


Sonia said...

Yay!!! More Fishwatch!

JF said...

I have been doing Celeb fit Club DVD nonstop, this weekened was a complete carb fest

Anonymous said...

so happy for more fishwatch. He can't get long arm jdx over you for defamation if you aren't in NY and aren't a domiciliarym but it looks like you are- oh well. NYP yeah you know me.