Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Wrote A Song Called "Death To ExamSoft" To The Tune of The SoftTest Tech Support Hold Synthesizer Musak...

Hello from hell.

We write to you during our third attempt to get through to a SoftTest tech support person (and by "a" person, we apparantly mean "the" person since there must be no more than one). When we did the whole auto-upload, we got a big fat error message for our AM message. We then tried the manual upload, and...you guessed it, no luck.

From 6-6:41, we stayed on hold, hoping that everytime the automated voice interruped the insufferable hold "musak" that it was an actual person. Instead, it was some woman telling us to check our exam upload history online. Um, thanks, we did that bee-yotch, and it's not there.
We then hung up and took a breather, and then spent 7-7:55 also on hold. Thinking that something must be wrong, we hung up and now we are on hold, yet again. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking down toward 11:59PM EST when our three AM session essays turn from 4 1/2 (rounded to 5) to a big fat 0.

Did we mention that this hold music makes us want to die? We don't get it, did they go home for the day?

At least there was no earthquake in NYC today, so I guess we have something to be thankful for...although that option is seeming better right now.

Update 10:10pm: Praise Xenu, it finally worked, so our 4 and 1/2's are restored.

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WW said...

For those who missed it, FW was mobbed by adoring fans donning rather garish save-the-minorities bandannas after the morning session today. God only knows how many other faithful readers he brushed up against in complete anonymity, as they shoveled peanut M&Ms into their faces from their gallon-size plastic feedbags, totally unaware that they were in the presence of BarBlog royalty.