Monday, July 14, 2008

Depression, BDP, Bankers, etc.

Did anyone notice the "Supporting Student Learning, Overcoming Depression" seminar that happened right next door to our B-Bri classroom last month? We just noticed the sign today:

This seems very appropriate and also conveniently located. Too bad we were still beaching it and taking things easy back on June 21st. Had this seminar been held this week, however, we would certainly have attended since the panic and depression have really set in.

This weekend we were pretty close to Brokedown Palace (BDP) mode as we reviewed our outlines right before doing practice qs and still got them all wrong. On Friday we almost lost it when at dinner at BLT Burger, we were reviewing Corps flashcards, and some douchey banker types who were talking about risk allocation turned to us and said sarcastically, "your conversation is really scintillating, what the F are you doing." We are sorry, we were not CHOOSING to talk finance on a Friday night, unlike you people, so don't mock us. We then asked them a question about stock record dates and they got it wrong, so we felt better. Also the fries and double milkshake (with whipped cream) made us feel better (as JH says, you can eat anything you want during Bar prep).

The next two weeks are going to be dark people, so prepare yourself. Anyone who did attend the above seminar, please chime in with helpful tips.

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