Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carbs, Beer, Mawwage, Divorce...

How many cookies did you people eat during class today? Don't lie to us. As we said, anything goes during Bar prep, and so we had about 4 kosher black and white ones and 2 and 1/2 chocolate chip ones and were tempted to fill the gallon bag with the leftovers on the way out, but resisted.

At the beginning of class, regional regional assistant director E.Fine said that we are going to have the best vacation of our lives in August, even if it only involves our backyard, a keg, and a straw. Did this sound amazing to anyone else? We might just rearrange our August plans.

Additionally, all this talk of "registry" and "children" really did make us want to find a husband, go to Williams Sonoma with the bar code gun, and draft our very own New York Times Wedding Announcement. We texted JF to see if she wanted to register too, but she noted that no one was going to want to get engaged to people in danger of failing the Bar.

Finally, we are so happy we are caught up to speed on divorce since we plan to push for the clinical law program here to start a celebrity divorce clinic, and hire us as clinic fellow. Will keep you posted.

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Nafees said...

I think Renee Zells cited fraud in her divorce with Kenny Chesney - I dont think it was about religion - is he a mo?