Monday, July 28, 2008

It's The Day Before The Day of the Show, Y'all!

We, along with JH, JG, and AA went to see The Dark Knight this morning (9:30am Imax), and much to our surprise, the theater was packed. We thought maybe all the peeps in town for the Bar had the same idea as us - (which was to chill out with a really really dark and emotionally draining movie with lots of explosions and fighting), but we were the only ones doing flashcards during the previews and spotting the hearsay exception during a trial.

Anyway, we know what you are all thinking at this point, and we will all be fine, don't you worry my little reader(ship). Everyone has worked hard, even if that hard work included blogging or reading this blog, eating non-stop, napping, and incessant complaining. In fact, we have been destined for this day since birth, as shown by the 1984 New Yorker cartoon to the left (slash who among us was born in 1984 besides JF?) (Also, please don't tell on us for committing copyright infringement).

We urge you all to take the evening off and watch some Hills reruns or catch up on Project Runway and not to think too hard about how miserable the next two days will be. We hope you see you all well rested and ready to bring it in the early hours of dawn. Best of luck to all.



Anonymous said...

We love you to FW



Bananarchist said...

FW, you're going to rock the bar. your flashcards were just the right size!

Sonia said...

thanks fishw! that was really inspiring! see you at the jav!