Thursday, July 17, 2008

FishWatch Style Exclusive: Who Wore It Best?

Some people take these last weeks to mean they are allowed to wear sweats and matching velor track suits. But some chic Bar takers and FishWatch readers know you have to dress for the MBE score you want!

We asked 100 people in the Law Libes, Who Wore It Best?

Charlize tied her B-bri ID with a bow by Galliano for Dior at the 2006 Oscars....

But SL went for a simpler look, and
bowed her ID with the B-bri Lanyard, pairing it with a sparkly silver vest.

Mary Kate paired her B-bri Gallon Bag with a black long sleve mini and clunky silver...

But CH paired hers with Think Coffee and a pink mini, matching her ID inside!

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Anonymous said...

Fishwatch has breached an implied contract to provide me with diversions whilst I prepare for the bar. Since the bar is more than a week away, fishwatch has ample time to cure the breach. Postings several times a day are necessary or the damages are potentially enormous. Liquidated damages (since obviously too difficult to work out actual damages) in the ball park of $1million.