Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Then Again, If We Did Have Any Savings, It Would Likely Have Been in Bank Stocks...

Sorry for the delay in posting, but our parents were in town this weekend, and getting fed as much as we possibly could in 48 hours was very time consuming and left very little time for blogging. We started off the weekend eating at Teodora, a Best Lasagne winner in NY Mag’s “Best Of” issue, where we saw some friends (AR, CC) who also apparently read NY Mag. No offense to that esteemed publication, but the Lasagne at Max is half the price and half the gooeyness, so, as Jerri Blank was once told, “go with what you know.” Which is what we did the rest of the weekend -- hitting up our aunt’s cooking and South Indian Vegetarian (and Kosher!) places in Curry Hill and other such regular institutions.

The nice thing about our parents’ visits is that they used to live in the area before venturing south, so they know their way around, have friends here to keep them occupied when we slip away to go gay (our review of what it is like to be at Pieces on a Saturday night SOBER is forthcoming), and they generally do not require any baby-sitting whatsoever. But one thing they have quickly forgotten is how expensive things are here in our great urban metropolis. “You pay HOW MUCH for a haircut!?!?!” our father yelled at us as we showed up newly groomed. “I can get these sheets at the factory outlet for ½ the price” our mother said as we shopped for higher threat counts. “I can’t believe people pay this much for wine glasses” she continued as we were in the $1.00 section of Fishs Eddy. Meanwhile, a recession looms around us and our savings account stands at $0.23, so how can we really argue with such a fiscal outlook on life. Perhaps immigrant parents should have been running the Treasury Dept during the 2000s – Bear Sterns might still be around, toasting their success with 3-for-a-dollar wine glasses.


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