Monday, March 02, 2009

Confessions of a Former Medium Alcoholic

So we are trying this thing where we don’t drink. It started because of some meds, but we liked it so much that now we are full fledged teetotalers. We are also training for this half-marathon, and find that our weekly long runs are soooo much easier when not hung over. Who knew? Also, we can go out until 3am and still wake up for Meet the Press! The best of both worlds.

At first, we really questioned our will power and thought that eating at restaurants would prove the most difficult since the sight of a glass of red wine on white tablecloth usually makes us salivate and pant, like an alcoholic Pavlovian puppy. But the ultimate test came on Saturday night, when we were in a room of 129310283 gay people at our friend’s Chelsea housewarming – and where the booze was free flowing and boys appropriately stand-offish. We usually find that we need booze in times like these to make jokes and be funny, but since we have given up being funny (for another post), it was really easy to refill our cup with the lime flavored club soda instead of vodka and ice. Mind you, we went home alone, so maybe this whole experiment is flawed. But maybe that’s because we basically spent the whole party talking about how fun not drinking is, which we think should NOT be part of the plan.

Not to mention this thing is saving us a whole slew of cash. And since we are obsessed with our monthly spending pie chart on, we are so pleased to see our “alcohol” piece reserved only for the requisite bottle of wine we have to show up places with, and not for that 6th tanqueray and tonic that we definitely didn’t need. Somehow, though, the food section of our spending pie chart is higher than normal, which makes us think we are subconsciously replacing liquor with soup dumplings. Mmmmm, soup dumplings – gotta go.

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