Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We Knew Not To Ask for "Rent" or "Wicked" Since We Would Have Been Shunned...

Last night we hit Marie’s Crisis (after “I’m getting the hell out of NYC” straight drinks with SH and friends). We thought we wouldn’t be up for singing anything, but of course when the songs from Company started on the out of tune piano, we really lost it and started belting about Another Hundred People and Being Alive. The best part of the evening, however, was when Malan from Project Runway spilled vodka on us and said “it’s raining vodka” and then did his Malan from Project Runway scary laugh. Some tourist then took out her video camera to document her and her gay friend’s night in NYC and Malan immediately assumed they were filming him so ran away. He then came back to join in “What I Did For Love” and “One,” natch.

But seeing him got us thinking -- when you go on a reality show to get ahead in your profession (i.e., PR, Top Chef, Make me a Supermodel, Boy Meets Boy (?)), and all the gays in NYC then know who you are and see you out, do you feel self conscious that everyone can accurately gauge your level of success in your field? We mean, we have a hard enough time making up and exaggerating how successful we are, but if everyone saw where we stood in the world of non-profit lawyering on national tv (that would be a terrible show, btw), how could we convince people (meaning love interests) we were the next best thing in public interest advocacy and thus worth dating?


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