Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did You Miss Us? Our Site Monitor Says "No."

Every time we take a hiatus from blogging, our body just doesn't feel right for some reason. Not in the "changes" way that happened when we were 12 or 13, but in a restless leg syndrome or ADD kind of way.

Maybe the problem has gotten worse recently because of the first few hundred pages of Atlas Shrugged, which we are currently reading ("to prove to yourself you're your public interest law career is a waste of time?" asked our friend's right-wing father the other night at a dinner). In it, a few of the characters have said that the worst thing in the whole entire world is a man without a purpose. Is our purpose blogging about meaningless things? Perhaps.

Anyway, since the Bar exam experience is behind us (praise Xenu!), and we opted out of taking more of them just for fun, like some of our friends in California and Mass this week, what will we talk about? This shall remain a mystery. While our devoted fan(s) and we may not have the shared experience of day to day life at law school or bar prep, there still may be things in the world that warrant commentary. Like Top Chef. Or our mother. Or the working world and how it smells bad (but that we are thankful to have a job).

This blogging thing may get difficult at some points, because at work we sit in "pods," and our boss sits directly behind us and can at any point turn around and see what is on our screen. Oftentimes this has included facebook.com, gmail, Gossip Girl recaps, and fashion week reviews, so really, what is a little blogger here and there.

So get ready for another iteration of Fishwatch. We are beginning to feel like those "gay nights" that have moved around the City for the last 5 years, only to die a slow, painful, poorly attended death in the 30s on the West side. But we will try our best to keep a downtown, well-attended, open bar feel to this whole experience. Meanwhile, special shout-outs to ET and MC who are bar taking in other states this week. May the force be with y'all.

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Sonia said...

Yay! More Fishwatch!