Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Maybe F.U. Law should apply for some new Gates Foundation money to fix its network...because the children are suffering...

I rarely check my F.U. inbox because there are just so many times you can be reminded about an updated list of on-campus interviewers who aren't going to hire you.

But below are some selected emails from our F.U. inboxes that are surprisingly not from Career Planning. Anyone else notice a trend here? If you ask me, it looks as if YSummer2K6FU is coming, just as Nostradamus predicted. I even read somewhere that he once predicted that F.U. Law's "Simplicity" will forget to upload resumes in the fall of the 6th year after two millenia. OMG THAT'S THIS YEAR!!!

Planned University Systems Outage 6/27/06 4:56 PM

GroupWise Email Outage Yesterday 6/26/06 10:17 AM

Fwd: June 22, 2006 Network Outage 6/22/06 4:19 PM

June 22, 2006 Network Outage 6/22/06 4:03 PM

Internet Outage Notification 6/22/06 11:33 AM

Service Interruptions - Summer 2006 6/21/06 10:13 AM

CIMS Maintenance - Monday June 12 @10am 6/8/06 9:00 AM

Reminder - Network Maintenance - Friday, June 2nd 6/2/06 10:01 AM

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